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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Manages My Account?

All StrategicSEO staff are based in our London offices in the UK.  When you purchase a package from us, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will maintain direct contact with you throughout the duration of your package purchased.

Your account manager will have a dedicated support team who will assist in tasks related to your project.  This support team will report back directly to the account manager who will in turn report directly to you.

Your account manager will be responsible for all aspects of your package and will be available via email and telephone should you have any questions, requests or concerns.

We never outsource projects and any task that is undertaken will be done so under strict supervision in our London offices by native English speaking staff only.

Will I be Tied Into A Contract?

Absolutely Not!

Unlike many SEO companies who demand 6-12 month contracts from their clients, StrategicSEO was founded on flexibility for you.

We are so confident that you will renew your contract with us that we have no problems allowing you to renew or go elsewhere on a monthly basis.

Whilst SEO can be a lengthy process and nothing can be achieved overnight, we see one of the highest customer retention numbers within the industry.

Why? Well because we keep you updated every step of the way, we have very competitive pricing, results speak for themselves and our customer service has literally won awards.

No contracts.  No Hassle.  No Problems.

What Is SEO & How Can It Help Me?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the game changer of all online businesses.

Put simply, SEO is how well your website ranks for certain keywords or phrases within the search pages of Google and other search engines.

When it comes to long term success for any business or company online, SEO is the be all and end all – without good SEO your brand will suffer at every turn.

Good SEO can see huge growth and sales for any niche.  It can propel you to a huge audience and open your doors to the World 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Results Can I Expect From SEO?

The Best!

Like the thousands of customers that have worked with us in the past, we are firm believers that our methods and staff are far superior to anything else on the market – that’s without even considering the competitive price we offer.

All of our SEO consultants work in our London offices and we NEVER outsource any jobs offshore or anywhere else.  Simply native English speaking experts based in the United Kingdom performing SEO the correct way to take your business to the next level.

Results cannot be achieved overnight and it would be disingenuous of us to suggest otherwise.  SEO is a process that takes time and is a mid to long term investment for your company.  Anyone telling you that they can rank someone top of Google isn’t necessarily lying, they are just misrepresenting the full story.  We could also rank you top in just a few days….would you stay there? absolutely not – you’d be blackballed from Google completely which can rarely ever be reversed.  A gradual rise to the top in an organic way is the key to good SEO.

SEO is very powerful.  So much so that bad SEO can destroy your brand completely beyond repair.  It is very important that you don’t hand the keys to your brand to anyone who isn’t using correct and sanctioned practices like we do here at StrategicSEO.

What I If I Have More Questions?

Get in touch!

Speak to us on Live Chat, Email Us or give us a call on 0203 633 1556 now to speak to an account manager and get your project underway.

Feel free to head on over to our Contact Page for all of our contact information.

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