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SEO Quick Tips: B2B Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very valuable resource for B2B marketers and continues to be a successful asset for your SEO strategy.  Over the years B2B marketers have realised the potential of content marketing and the endless possibilities it can create through the different forms of approaches.
Content marketing has definitely changed over the course of the past few years whereby the creation and sharing of online material has become easier with the evolution of new technology.  Whilst content marketing is great for stimulating interest in products or services, it is very important that it is not confused with a method for promoting a brand.  For B2B marketers knowing how to utilise content marketing can be quite tricky as the general consensus is that is should take a more professional approach compared to B2C marketing.
Our Strategic SEO Experts are going to go through three tips to improve content marketing for B2B marketers.

  1. Update Old Content

    For B2B marketers that have already adopted content marketing into their SEO strategy the chances are you already have tuns of content surrounding your service or product.  Just as technology changes and updates, so does the content you have written about.  However, the chances are you have forgotten about the blog you wrote 2 years ago and whilst at the time it was a great blog with relevant and useful information it quite possibly is not so relevant anymore.
    So what should you do with old content?
    Well for starters don’t panic by no means are we suggesting that you remove and delete everything you have done so far, otherwise that would be a huge waste and very time consuming.  What we are saying is that you should do some house keeping of your content and where possible tweak and update them where possible.  It is important to understand that old content is not redundant it is merely out of date and should be boosted to receive good levels of organic traffic.
    The best way to go about this is to start with articles or blogs that still achieve a good amount of traffic, as these are clearly common things that your customer is interested about.  Sometimes re-writing an existing article or bog can be more beneficial for you and is also an option.

  2. Explore Video Content

    As mentioned already content marketing has evolved immensely over the last 10 years especially with technology advancing on a daily basis, with that video content has become increasing popular and is becoming the most utilised type of content available.  Not only has video content become a dominant aspect of marketing it is also a great way to grab your audiences attention that makes them want to share that information.  The more intriguing and eye catching your content the more people will want to share it.
    If that doesn’t convince you then how about these stats:
    Facebook has 8 Billion daily average views of videos
    ♦ Users are 3 times as likely to stop and watch a video than read text
    SnapChat generates more than 10 billion videos a day
    ♦ 95% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service
    ♦ 81% of people who watched a brands video admitted they were convinced to make a purchase
    There are several ways that you can implement video content into your B2B marketing strategy whether be a in-house or professionally made, all dependant on your budget and goal.  Whichever way you look at video content is definitely the way forward and is not something to be dismissed.  If you haven’t already involved video content into your B2B marketing strategy it’s time to think about how you are going to add into the mix or risk being left behind.

  3. Ensure You Are Writing The Right Content

    Content marketing is a popular SEO factor and without it can leave your SEO strategy struggling.  Blogging is still considered one of the top categories of content marketing and is more relevant than ever, in the fact that recent surveys have suggested that lengthier content is valued more by B2B consumers as opposed to short quick articles.
    However, you should not solely rely on blogging as with content marketing it is often found that content published on the same topic will get fewer shares due to the amount of people writing about the same thing, this is very common in competitive markets.  That being said B2B marketers have a plethora of different approaches they can take when it comes to content marketing and is something that should be used to their benefit.
    A mix of content such as blogging, articles, case studies, white papers but not limited to can really shake things up and make your B2B content strategy stand out from the crowd thus limiting you from being seen as sharing content that is already out there.

Content marketing for B2B companies can be tricky as whichever approach you take you need to think about it from a professional aspect with the ultimate goal of gaining web traffic.  However, with the way content marketing has changed there are so many different ways you can tackle it giving you various options and somewhat making it easier for you.  If you are not sure how to approach your content marketing strategy or would like some help get in contact with one our friendly SEO experts who be happy to help.

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