Understanding keywords and SEO

Understanding Keywords and SEO

If you are in any type of business and have a website you will know that SEO is probably the most important key to survival.  Whilst SEO combines many factors that contribute to an overall SEO strategy and implementation, much of it revolves around keywords.
Keywords is one very important aspect of SEO and can be the up rise or downfall to any website business.  Below we discuss what keywords are for SEO and why they are an important element to you and your website.

What are SEO Keywords?

Keywords in SEO are particular words or phrases distributed within your website content related to your business or service.  Keywords are hugely important for both on-page SEO and pay per click (PPC) campaigns.
These keywords are the definitive words and phrases that people will use via search engines to find your website.  Search engines will check to see if your website is optimised by using algorithms to find these specific keywords to help connect searchers to your website.
The keywords and phrases within your website need to be as accurate as possible and more so relevant.  Without accuracy and relevance you risk losing out on valuable web traffic when searchers find better content elsewhere through result pages in Google.  Knowing how potential visitors think when searching for a particular product, service or information can be quite tricky and often involves a lot of trial error as a process of elimination of keywords is required.
Keyword initiative is the foundation of a functional SEO strategy and is required as a first step before any other SEO optimisation can be carried out.  Implementing keyword association not only secures the foundation of your SEO strategy but it also helps your website rank on a SERP and to also rank above any others in the same category or niche.

Why are Keywords Important?

Ultimately performing SEO on your website is all about achieving ranking status on search engines in order to drive organic traffic from SERPs.  Keywords is one of the biggest factors that affects this and how well your website performs.
The keywords you choose will define the type of traffic you will attract and if not careful or specific enough could attract unnecessary traffic.  There are obvious keywords that you may instantly associate with what you have to offer but remember your competitors will also be using these keywords, which could mean that you will not get the recognition you deserve.
The aim is to think about your audience and the way they think and try to describe what you have to offer in an alternative way that is still highly attractive.  Creating content that is highly ranked with appropriate keywords will naturally drive traffic to your website and will attract visitors with a purpose which is what you want.
Something to be mindful of with keywords and SEO is the need to consistently update your keyword and phrases and treat it like an on-going feature.  With trial and error you will identify certain keywords that may no longer be required or may need to be adjusted.  Sometimes you will find that the more specific you get with your keywords or phrases the better it is for you and your visitors.  You need to be diverse and different from competitors otherwise you risk using words that are way too competitive.

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