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SEO Quick Tips: How To Improve Your Blog

Quick tips on how to improve your blog can be the difference between a good blog post and a really good SEO optimised blog post.  Most people will tell you there is an art or skill to writing the perfect blog post and at times this can be true.  However, our SEO experts at Strategic SEO will tell you different, they strongly believe that there is no skill or art whatsoever it is purely just knowledge.  The most important part of writing a blog is having enough knowledge and information about what you want to write about the rest is SEO best practices which are easy to learn and have no skill required.
Our SEO Experts have put together three tips that have been tried and tested to help you improve your Blog content so that it is SEO optimised.

  1. Using Keywords In The Right Place

    Keywords is an important feature for all SEO and considered an on-page factor, whether it be on your website or in your blogs.  Keywords can be the up-rise or downfall of your SEO Strategy and should be carefully and well thought out to ensure your keywords are being optimised correctly.  It is crucial that your keywords are strategically placed within your blog post to maximise efficiency.
    It is important to note that when search engines are crawling your blog posts that they focus their attention to varying parts of your blog and do not score it as a whole.  There are features that are characterised more heavily than others such as your title or subheadings as opposed to a sentence in the middle of your blog.  Crawling through your title and headings gives search engines and overview of what your blog is about and helps determine if the topic is reflected appropriately.
    With that in mind if you want specific keywords to rank you need to ensure that they prominently stand out, below is a list of where these keywords should feature to ensure you are maximising SEO efficiency:
    ♦ Blog Post Title
    ♦ URL
    ♦ Sub Headings
    ♦ Meta Description
    ♦ Several times throughout your Post
    ♦ Within the first sentence of your Blog
    Including keywords in these places helps identify what your blog post is about and ultimately get your blog content in front of the right audience, as readers are more likely to find your content when searching those keywords.

  2. Incorporate Internal and External Links

    Links is another category that is important for SEO, so including them in your blog posts is only going to improve your SEO.  Internal linking is great for both you and the reader, not only do you keep the reader engaged and highlight them to additional information it keeps the reader on your website for a longer period of time with the ultimate goal of attaining a customer.
    External links, commonly known as ‘outbound links’ is somewhat of a tricky one, very often enough we come across clients who are reluctant to use outbound links, as they are scared of readers away from their content.  However, if this is a fear that you have then you need to address it by thinking about the content you have written and whether it is worthy or not.  External links improve your SEO, if using trustworthy links.  Search engines take into consideration the value of the links you use and in turn you gain credibility and popularity from it.

  3. Include an Image

    Of course images look nice and pretty, but that’s not all they are good for – if optimised correctly they can strengthen your SEO and proves the message of your post.
    Images should be identified by alt tags, these are used for naming your images and are invisible to the human eye.  Search engines use crawlers such as Google Crawlers to identify the relevance of your content and surrounding text which will help your site rank.  Alt tags are also utilised for visually impaired users, whereby these users will use screen readers which read the alt tag of an image to identify what that image is.  This is another reason why it is important to use alt tags for your images using specific keywords.

These three quick tips can turn your already amazing content blog posts into fully SEO optimised blog posts which in turn increases your ranking and gives you more visibility.  Creating content that is valuable to your target audience is easy, its ensuring that it optimised so that they can actually see it where the issue comes into play.  Hopefully with these quick tips users will be able to find your content much better.  If you would like further advice or would like help managing your SEO needs feel free to get in contact today with one of our friendly SEO experts.

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